10 Reasons why I Love being a Choice Mom

On my drive home today from work I thought about my son. I thought about all the little things that make Mason, Mason and how I loved every single one of them.  This kid has truly been a blessing for me in every possible way and if driving didn’t require my keeping both hands on the steering wheel, I would have attempted to pat myself on the back for making such a great decision.

Being a Choice Mom has undoubtedly worked out great for me.  It definitely has its advantages.  Allow me to share with you top 10 reasons why I love being a Choice Mom.  Just to mention a few…

10. “SingleChoiceMom” is a far more appealing social media hashtag than   “NotSureWhatIDrankThatNightAccidentalMom” would be.  As an English major, I’m not sure how comfortable I would feel about publicly displaying so many words bunched together without the use of any punctuation marks.

9.  I get to write on my blog about it.    Yup! My life is interesting now.  Aside from fitness, I have something to write about.  I’d probably have something to write about if I was “NotSureWhatIDrankThatNightAccidentalMom” but then again, it’s possible I’d have some trouble remembering any of it so I’m glad I went the Choice Mom route.

8.  Great conversation piece.  This worked amazingly well on a business conference I recently went to.  After 20 minutes of awkward silence among coworkers I rarely interact with: “Sooooo, I’m a choice mom.”  And immediately the questions started rolling in.  Random and unusual conservation starter, I know, but it works.  Don’t judge me.

7.  I can take all the credit for my child’s good looks.  Nobody knows what my baby’s father looks like so who else could rightfully take the credit for his “beautiful big eyes” and “full lips”?

6.  People think I’m fearless.  Obviously these people don’t know me very well.  I fear many things.  I am especially fearful of the big giant waterbug I saw in the back seat of my car.  I never saw the darn thing exit. I know one day it’s going to peek it’s ugly little head out at me while I’m driving.

5.  I make all the decisions.  I need not answer to or check with anyone when it comes to making decisions about Mason.  I chose to have him, I chose his name, I’ll decide what Religion he grows up practicing, what school he will go to, what state we will live in, what sports he will play… everything.  I decide EVERYTHING!  (Insert evil laugh here)

4.  Best excusable reason for always declining night-outs with friends.  Choice Mom means no dad every other weekend to come around and pick up Mason for two nights of freedom to go wild.  I have him EVERY weekend.

3.  When Mason asks me about his father, I will only have positive things to say about him.  The truth is that without him, I could never have had my son.  So while he may not be in Mason’s life, he is my best friend and a wonderful man for having agreed give me the greatest gift anyone could ever receive.

2.  No baby daddy drama.  I hate the term “baby daddy” and you’ll probably never see me use it again, but it’s the only way I could put it on this list and get the point across quickly.

and the number 1 reason I love being a Choice Mom is…drum roll please…

Mason.  Enough said.

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