Michelle Michel, MBA, MHRM

Virtual Health Coach & Certified 2B Mindset Nutritionist Currently training for ISSA Personal Trainer Certification & ISSA Sports Nutrition Certification

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I workout because I am a mom. When I first started my journey, I was overweight, always tired and had low confidence in myself and my abilities. The worst part is I didn’t feel like I had the energy required to take care of my son at optimal level. I was cheating him from the care he deserved. As a mother, I felt I needed to do more for him and as single mother, I knew I had to do more for ME! I realized if I wanted to raise my son and be around long enough to see him grow up and become a man, I needed to take care of my health.

I joined Beachbody, took control of my nutrition, completed the workouts programs at home and lost 40lbs. I feel great, I looked better and my overall opinion of self drastically improved. Since then, I have been able to maintain my weight-loss by continuing to live a healthy, realistic lifestyle and I help others do the same. (check out my transformations below). As a health coach, my goal is to help others learn how to take care of their health and give them the opportunity to feel better about themselves.

The biggest challenge for single moms, single dads, working parents and anyone with a family, is trying to find time in their day for their health. As a working, single choice mom, I totally understand this challenge and my business is to create an environment for family and kids that is susceptible to the possibility. That’s why I welcome and encourage ALL members of your family to be a part of my fitness community.

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My transformation:

2018 vs 2020