Dear Co-worker, I rather eat REAL food

So this afternoon I had a coworker walk into the lunchroom at work as I was enjoying my lunch. He takes a look at my plate and says, “I really miss having real food.” When I asked him what he meant, he proceeds to tell me about this shake diet he’s on that requires him to skip 2 meals a day and replace it with a shake. “Are you doing any exercises?” I ask him. “Nope!” He says. “Just the shakes. I’m two weeks in and I’m getting results, but I am so sick of the shakes. I want real food.” When I suggested he try some Beachbody workouts, he quickly resisted and continued on to tell me how his current diet was working great and giving him results.

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Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash
My personal opinion is that these “liquid” diets are a quick fix…and an easy way out. Of course he believes the diet is working great because HE doesn’t have to work at all. If only it was that easy, everyone would be fit. Nothing compares to good old fashion healthy diet and exercise. These meal replacement shake diets will work on a short-term bases but how long does one think they will go on living on just shakes alone? It’s not very realistic and oftentimes people on these diets gain the weight right back. They gain it back because they eventually stop drinking the shakes and become part of the ‘real’ world again eating ‘real’ food. They go back to unhealthy eating and no exercise. Eventually they all move on from the shakes and they’re right back where they started.
Meal replacement shake diets are convenient. They work perfect for people with busy schedules and for people who need to lose weight quickly for health reasons, but it’s only a temporary fix. It’s not a long-term solution. Long term weight loss requires long term life changes and it is unrealistic to think that drinking shakes to keep your weight down is a realistic lifestyle change. Why not start the most effective way from the start if you’re able to and just make healthier food choices? I don’t know about you but as a Latina, I need my solids. I need to chew to be able to feel like I’ve eaten and be satisfied.
As far as exercise goes, there has never been a debate about the benefits of exercising. We all know that aside from keeping us physically fit, exercise also helps to prevent certain diseases, boosts our energy and is a natural mood elevator. With all these benefits why would I want to skip out on it? I don’t. I don’t want to skip the exercise, I don’t want to skip the REAL meals, the chance of a longer life and I certainly don’t want to skip out on being in my best mood possible every day. So to my dearest coworker, best of luck to you. While you sit there torturing yourself with liquid meals, I’ll be here enjoying my plate full of delicious proteins, carbs and veggies and later tonight when I get home, I’ll work up a little healthy sweat with a smile on my face.
Michelle M.
Mom with a Fit Plan

10 Reasons why I Love being a Choice Mom

So not only am I now all about fitness and healthy living, but a few years back I started  blogging about my Choice Mom life.   I am still living it and sharing it with my baby boy.  I’d hate  myself for deleting “journal” entries that describe my life as a single choice mom, so here I am sharing it with you guys.  My new group of friends,  🙂 Enjoy.  Let’s stay connected!

via 10 Reasons Why I Love Being a Choice Mom


Mom Insecurity #1

postbaby pics

So, I know I’m going to hate myself in the morning for posting this. Maybe I’ve had a little too many glasses of wine tonight, ’cause on a “normal” day, I’d never reveal this insecurity to the public.
One thing that’s changed since my weight loss is the amount of pictures I take of myself. Naturally, you’d think my confidence level has grown and of course I want to memorialize it in photos, but a good percentage of the photos don’t get posted anywhere for anyone else to see. The reason why? Well, it’s because of these crazy “mom love handles”!!! How is it that I’ve lost all this weight and slimmed down to better shape then I ever would have dreamed, but still have this ridiculous access skin?! I’m well aware that we are always much more critical of own selves, and perhaps you don’t see it but I do and I know this is not a problem I had pre-baby. 

Do I give up or do I keep trying to recreate pre-baby body? My insecurities tell me I will never succeed, but my heart and determination hopes for the best. I’ll continue this #getfit #journey and see where it takes me. 

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March for our Lives

So my selfless little cousin, Amaya, has a special birthday coming up, but instead of asking for gifts, she is asking for donations to the March for our Lives cause. March for our Lives is a movement started by created by, inspired by, and led by students of all ethnicities, religions, and sexualities across the country who no longer want to sit and wait for someone else to take action to stop the epidemic of mass shootings. The mission and focus of March For Our Lives is assure that no special interest group or political agenda is more critical than timely passage of legislation to effectively address the gun violence issues that are rampant in our country. Your donation to the March For Our Lives Action Fund will help these students cover costs associated with this effort. Please help my cousin reach her goal of $10,000. Any amount counts and any amount is appreciated. To donate, please click on the link below.  Thank you!

Amaya’s March for our Lives birthday wish fundraiser


We’re signed up!

So I finally did it! I finally signed us up! About a month and a half into this beachbody workout program I started to incorporate running.  My 5 year old son and I run for approximately 3 miles in our neighborhood at least twice a week.  At first, he had no idea what was coming to him and it was difficult for us both but I have to say, we’ve both become quite good at running.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we did a 5k together?

It would, but I haven’t found one yet.  The closest I found to a kids’ run is South Miami’s Twilight Run sponsored by Teamworks.  I’ve done this run before, years ago before I even thought about having a child, and I really enjoyed it.  Why not share the experience with my kid?  The Twilight run has an event called the Kids Dash which takes place after the adults of completed their 5k where after the adults have completed.  The kids portion of the race is only 200 ft.  We won’t be running together as I hoped to do, but it will certainly serve as some bonding time as well as nice experience for us both. So I did it! I signed us up.  And I am super excited about event day.

If you are in the Miami area and interested in participating in a family-friendly race, sign up by clicking the link below.  I’d love to see you there!

Twilight 2018 5k